SF Trade offers a range of special processes with international certifications.
SF Trade takes part in product development, logistics, sourcing & purchasing services according to our customer requirements.
Moving forward with the excellence in services motto, SF Trade has been providing services such as range of special processes in production, sourcing from well chosen worldwide partners, and a global scale on-time delivery with trusted logistics partners.
Sourcing & Purchasing Sourcing & Purchasing
We provide sourcing services from authorized worldwide partners to meet our customer requirements.
Logistics Logistics
We provide logistics services on a global scale from well chosen worldwide partners to achieve on-time delivery.
Product Development Product Development
We assists customers for the entire course of product development, addressing their aesthetic or structural requests with a professional team.
SF Trade offers a range of special processes with international certifications.
SF Trade is a quality- and safety-oriented company, implementing a Total Quality Management System in all stages of production:

SF Trade was founded in İzmir in 2003. It began as textile product manufacturer for leading brands.

In 2009, SF Trade enriches its team with a well-experienced leather handbang and accessories and in 2016 founds its first manufacturing plant abroad, in Kakhovka, Ukraine.

In order to provide extensive solutions, SF Trade offers manufacturing services along with product development, sourcing, procurement, production & logistics for its clients in leather and textile industries in two countries. Right now SF Trade operates in two countries as a quality oriented supplier for ahead of the curve technical textile and luxury leather brands.