SF Trade is a quality- and safety-oriented company, implementing a Total Quality Management System in all stages of production:

SF Trade strives to supply high quality materials sourced from stakeholders around the globe to fulfill the customers’ needs. More than half of the suppliers are located in Turkey, while the remaining are stationed in Europe and Asia, respectively. Due to its strategic position as a bridge between Europe and Asia, SF Trade guarantees prompt delivery. The company’s suppliers are well-informed about consultation on technical information, certification and if needed, testing services. 

With these ideals in mind, SF Trade sources the following:

  • •Woven, non-woven and knitted fabrics
  • •Coated textiles
  • •Certified Fabrics ( Lenzing, OCS, GRS, Repreve and BCI fabrics )
  • •Technical bands, elastic bands, fasteners and cords
  • •Foam and rubber
  • •Metal and plastic hardware for assembly
  • •Woodworks for assembly
  • •Smart textiles and accessories (sensored and LEDs, etc.) 
  • •Chrome, veg-tanned and semi-veg tanned leather, exotic leather, fur- printed leather and faux leather
  • •Printing techniques: embossed prints, digital prints
  • •Silicon bombs
  • •Hardware accessories
  • •Braiding, hand stitching, quilting, embroidery
  • •Packaging solutions

With extensive experience and dedication to product development, the team at SF Trade maintains a competitive edge in assisting our clients with their sampling and products.

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