Manufacturing automotive textile for special products in terms of protective solution

SF Textile ensures the highest possible quality production standards by following VDA 6.3 in the category of automotive products. The product range of SF Textiles automotive textile is wide, ranging from nonwoven fabric body covers to charge cable & tool bags. SF Trade make sure that it fulfills any needs in this automotive products category by the highest standards possible.

If you are looking for a top-quality automotive cover-protective textile manufacturer, look no further than SF Textile with a wide range of capabilities that produce partial and full body covers with non woven fabric. The textile covers protect vehicle’s paint and glass surfaces not only from dirt or sea salt acidic substances but also from UV radiation as well.

SF Textile also maintains a wide production line where it can deliver bags to protect charge cable and tools along with partial covers for interior of vehicles, basically SF Textile got covered in terms of VDA 6.3 for the automotive industry.

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Wide Range of Capabilities

SF Trade is well known by its wide range of production capabilities where it can produce from partial covers to full body covers and even bags to protect charge cables and tools.

Competitive Edge

With its award-winning technological production and assembly line, SF Trade plays an important role in competition.

Global Expertise

As SF Trade works with globally leading and well-known brands in this industry, the expertise in production with great know-how is achieved.

Our range of production for automotive textiles

Safety, comfort, and functionality are three keywords that can define automotive textile needs. To cover those needs, we make sure that we use the right materials, and the latest technology, to produce top-of-the-line automotive textile products.

You can see below the variety of products we provide for the automotive industry:

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Sourcing services from well chosen worldwide partners to meet our customer requirements.

We provide sourcing services from authorized worldwide partners to meet our customer requirements. Our location enables us to maintain short lead times, thereby allowing us to give clients what they need when they need it.

Sourcing & Purchasing
Sourcing & Purchasing
We provide sourcing services from authorized worldwide partners to meet our customer requirements.
We provide logistics services on a global scale from well chosen worldwide partners to achieve on-time delivery.
Product Development
Product Development
We assists customers for the entire course of product development, addressing their aesthetic or structural requests with a professional team.