SF Trade is a quality- and safety-oriented company, implementing a Total Quality Management System in all stages of production:

Customer needs are a top priority in the company’s product development process. SF Trade assists customers for the entire course of product development, addressing their structural requests with a professional team. Providing comprehensive sourcing expertise and R&D initiatives, SF Trade focuses on the supply of innovative products with premium materials and custom designs.
At SF Trade, client insights are the most important. The product development department focuses on:

• Pattern, layer preparation (AutoCAD)
• Sampling
• Consumption/time study
• Method improvements
• Technical preparations
• Additionally offering design and patent solutions 
• Product technology improvements 
• Sustainable material developing

13,000 m2 +
Capacity Usage
Various Products
We believe in the importance of developing products and creating products that meet the needs and preferences of customers. During the entire product lifecycle, we work as true associates with our customers. With its extensive experience and dedication to product development, the SF Trade team maintains a competitive advantage by assisting to customers with their sampling and product development.
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